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RFOC Club are hosting an event on 15th April hoping to break a record... do you own a Suzuki? Then visit www.rfownersclub.co.uk to join in
Next meet Sept 2012

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Comments from Drac RFOC Club - "Hiya Shelly. what a fantastic day. those of us who have been before knew it wpuld be good given the right weather, those who were new loved it. Once again, your gang kept us fed, watered and under control with not one cpmplaint from any of us. The organisation you have for a small crowd is excellent. Thank you for making these days out very enjooyable and we all look forward to the next one"

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Comments from Drac RFOC Club - "thanks for today, although I was one of the first 4 to arrive, eventually we managed to get everyone there and the way the staff handled the ordering and billing was commendable. This was the largest get together the RFOC (RF is the model of the bike) and we only formed in August 2008 but now have almost 300 members world wide."

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