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the diner

All of our food is freshly prepared and cooked. So if your looking for a fast food chain service you wont get it here!!

We aim to serve your food as quickly as possible but we wont compromise on quality!! Our Diner boasts the Excellence rating from the Environmental Health so we are committed to upholding this prestigious award.

So while your waiting take in the sights... see how many number plates you can spot, check the specials boards or just sit back and enjoy your thick ice cream milkshake whilst watching your food being prepared!!

For those with special dietary requirements we try to have something for everyone but if you need additional information please contact us to find out more.

Fish 'n' Chip Fridays

Are also popular so don't miss out on our freshly battered fluffy cod with chunky chips... mmmm!!

Pre Ordering

Can be facilitated if your in a rush - take a look at the menu and give us a call 01635 298193.

Breakfast on the run

pre order your breakfast baps - whether its for just 2 or 22 its no big deal!!

Look at all that food

We serve only 100% beef in our burgers and we have taken great measures in finding what we believe to be the best burger we can find - please see our spec sheets [1] [2]! We do understand that many of you will find our burgers to taste 'meaty' and will not be to everyones taste but we can assure you you can not buy a better or higher quality burger.

Party of 10 or more?

For bookings of 10 and over Nelson's Diner requires a pre-order to be completed seven days before the event date, a £5 deposit is required upon booking which will be deducted from final bill on the day . Please use this form [doc download] [pdf download] to provide the details of each meal required.

Drop it in to the diner or attach and email it us at


We follow good hygiene practices in our kitchens, but due to the presence of allergic ingredients in some products there is a small possibility that allergen traces may be found in any item on our menu. We advise you speak to a member or our staff if you have any food allergies or intolerance.

Ingredients can occasionally be substituted or changed so please ask your server for any allergy or intolerance information upon arrival to the restaurant.