Authentic food is proving popular with signature dishes such as the "Frankfooter", a true foot long hot dog, and the "Empire State", a construction of two meat patties, cheese, bacon, and potato cakes! All of our food is 100% product with 100% beef, 100% chicken breast and 100% cod.

Fancy some home cooked food..??

Try our Spicy Ribs, it takes us nearly 6 hours of slow cooking and marinating to get the flavour just right .. For sure the Best Ribs About!!

If you're after something sweet try our home made American Pancakes. The freshest taste of the USA smothered with Maple Syrup - Mmmm pure heaven.

Our Breakfasts are fast becoming famous, where else can you get a fresh Brekkie every day all day - Perfect Hangover cure!!

And don't forget the delicious American milk shakes, we'll bet ours are the thickest around!

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We look forward to seeing you all soon